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We hire Air movers and dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, Hydroxyl machines and ozone machines.

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    Air Movers and Dehumidifiers

    Air movers are for drying wet carpets, wet areas, fasting drying for painters etc. Air movers move the air! They’re used for drying specific areas, dispersing fumes, circulating air in small spaces, cooling people working in hot temperatures, or cooling machinery or products with powerful gusts.

    Dehumidifiers are for drying wet areas, faster drying of paint etc. Dehumidifiers work to take moisture out of the air, making it drier. They’re helpful in climates that have high humidity, because they can help prevent mold growth and dust mites. Dehumidifiers pull air into the system and over very cold coils to draw moisture out of the air.

    When Should You Use an Air Scrubber?

    Air Scrubbers are often used on construction sites, during renovation projections, and when remediation is needed. Air scrubbers are primarily used to make the air breathable again after it has been contaminated by toxic chemicals, gases, and pollutants.
    After the air has been stripped of all toxic pollutants, it is recommended to use Hydroxyl and Ozone for odour control.

    Hire Prices

    Rather do the work yourself? Fortunately, we offer all our customers the choice to hire out high-quality dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers and hydroxyl and ozone equipment.



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    A Tasmanian cleaning business, proudly owned by a family.

    As a locally owned and operated family business, Best Clean Carpet Cleaning is committed to providing a reliable carpet cleaning service to every customer.

    With this in mind, we’re always punctual and give every job the same attention to detail – whether it’s a large or small project.

    We also take extra measures while we work, using corner guards to protect your home, and we continually update our training and equipment to give guaranteed great results.

    Using only the most reliable products, we always take extra care of delicate materials like wool and can give you advice on how to maintain your carpets after we’re done.

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