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Best Clean Carpet Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that offers professional carpet cleaning as well as a range of other services across Tasmania.

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    A Proud Family Owned Tasmanian Cleaning Business

    Emphasising the local aspect of his family-run business, and the commitment to providing quality services, Petr has built up a reliable reputation over the years.

    Best Clean Carpet Cleaning is now one of the most recognisable cleaning brands in the area and has grown from being a one-man operation to a multi-van business.

    With a huge assortment of specialised equipment unique to Best Clean Carpet Cleaning, we can deliver a full range of professional cleaning services that give guaranteed great results.

    Experience in the Industry

    Best Clean Carpet Cleaning was established in 2007 by Petr Skvaril, who spotted a gap in the market for a premium cleaning company in his home in north-west Tasmania.

    Now, comprising of Petr, his wife Odessa and son Jacob, and various other local cleaners, Best Clean Carpet Cleaning offers onsite inspections and free quotes for all jobs.

    Best Clean Carpet Cleaning specialises in a range of professional cleaning services for carpets, tiles, upholstery and more.

    Based in Burnie they cover the north-west and west coast of Tasmania – from Devonport & Burnie in the north, to Smithton in the north-west.

    They also service the west coast in Queenstown, Strahan, Zeehan and Rosebery.

    Our Staff

    We are an extremely dedicated team, proud of every job we undertake.

    Find out more about us:

    Petr Skvaril

    Petr is our founding director, starting the business in 2007. Petr is well known in our local area as a genuine person and has a strong love of animals, and this reflects to his empathy for ‘people doing it tough’. He turns his staff into his extended family and quickly makes his customers his friends. Petr’s serious side comes out when the line is crossed between being able to ‘muck about’ and getting the job done professionally. Business is his baby, but nothing stands in the way of family including his animals, especially the business mascot ‘Lucy’ (pictured) who has been travelling with him daily since 2012. Petr has 7 grandchildren, 5 chihuahua’s and many other animals. Petr enjoys learning new skills, one of which is Paramotoring and is known to enjoy the odd party and socialising. Petr is very easy going and always eager to please, in fact some customers have called back to re book just because they liked the conversation. Beware of his sense of humour.

    Odessa Skvaril

    Odessa is our other director, Petr’s wife (been together since she was 14). Odessa was keen to get involved in the early stages and she did. She operated the second cleaning van at the beginning and quickly became a customer favourite. Odessa has an amazing ability to be able to interact with all our clients, especially when it comes to traumatic events like house fires, hoarders’ issues and winning the hearts of the elderly. Odessa is a real asset to Best Clean and her love of helping people really shows. Odessa is an old school worker! Her family is No. 1 and she shows everyone how to roll the sleeves up and get it done! Odessa would rather be on the front line with the workers than being stuck in the office, she loves our staff and is very popular with them all. As with Petr, staff are our family. Just quietly, Odessa loves a good party!

    Samara Lynd

    Samara is Petr & Odessa’s eldest daughter. If you thought Petr’s sense of humour was different you obviously haven’t talked with Sam yet! Sam is our first point of contact as she will most likely be the lady in the office to take your call. Sam is currently studying business at TAFE and is the glue that holds our office together. Sam is married and has 4 sons, a very devoted mother spending most of her spare time with sporting commitments with the boys, taking them motorbike riding walking her dogs. Sam socialises with other staff as we do which really makes us a close-knit group.

    Roxanne Skvaril

    Roxy is our youngest daughter, like Sam, she has a wicked sense of humour although she is very compassionate, Roxy loves animals like her dad Petr. Roxy is nearly married to George (you will see him soon) and has 2 boys. Roxy and Sam are extremely close and share a close friendship with Kaysi our carpet cleaner (you will see her soon too). Wow, talk about a family business! Roxy also likes to spend her time with her boys, also a very devoted mother that we are very proud of, Loves taking her boys to sporting events and camping. When Roxy, Sam and Petr are together they can get a little silly, but Odessa will always pull us into line! Family gatherings which seem to happen every few days are always a lot of fun!

    Guy Martin

    Guy started with Best Clean in 2016 and is one of our longest serving staff members! It is undoubtfully one of the best things about starting our own business, watching Guy grow into what he is now and just watching his development as an employee and a person! Guy is married to Brooke who is our longest serving employee but is away caring for her children now (we are confident she will be back). One of the most satisfying things for an employer is for staff to say they consider you more as family than the boss! Guy loves his family and loves his V8’s, computer gaming and is now the president of the local cricket club. Guy has his loyal customers that ask for him and is well and truly a member of the Best Clean family and our family along with Brooke.  

    Kaysi Alexander

    Everyone meet Kaysi! WOW! When we were looking for another carpet cleaning technician, I had no guys apply but about 5 girls, I said to Odessa I might give a girl a try, but she said it’s too hard for a girl. But she didn’t know Kaysi! Kaysi has become our third daughter and we don’t regret it! Kaysi gets so many compliments of her work that we can use a few more of her. She rocks up for work, helps herself to our kitchen and is a member of our family. Her work is amazing. Kaysi spends her time spoiling her kids, looking after her husband Tyson and loves socialising with Sam & Roxy! If you haven’t had Kaysi clean for you, you are missing out!

    George Cole

    George is Roxy’s husband (to be) and our son in law. Again, he has a sense of humour, but his biggest trait is, he is damn fussy! If it’s worth doing, he must do it right! George is our muscle man, when we are inundated with flooded homes, rubbish needs taking, or we just need a mechanic then we look no further than George. George loves his V8” s. George can be job focused but when the Best Clean family get together, he can catch you off guard and really let his hair down. George is a problem solver and another great asset to Best Clean. Yes, we all enjoy a day off to relax but we know when work needs to be done , we do it the most professional way but then we know how to unwind.

    Proudly Cleaning The North West Of Tasmania

    A Tasmanian cleaning business, proudly owned by a family.

    As a locally owned and operated family business, Best Clean Carpet Cleaning is committed to providing a reliable carpet cleaning service to every customer.

    With this in mind, we’re always punctual and give every job the same attention to detail – whether it’s a large or small project.

    We also take extra measures while we work, using corner guards to protect your home, and we continually update our training and equipment to give guaranteed great results.

    Using only the most reliable products, we always take extra care of delicate materials like wool and can give you advice on how to maintain your carpets after we’re done.

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